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FAQ (in english)

Trouble logging in to Vklass?

Your school is responsible for helping you with you username & password. Some schools require you to use 2-factor authentication, eg BankID or SMS-login. If you are unsure, please contact your schools administration.

If you use username & password to access Vklass, you can reset your credentials at vklass.se. Click ”Logga in med Vklass inloggningsuppgifter” and then ”Glömt inloggningsuppgifter?”.

If you are having trouble accessing Vklass, please contact your schools administration.

I’m a parent in need of help!

All support on how to use or log in to Vklass is given to you by your childs teacher or school administration. Please contact your childs school for further assistance!

I’ve received a textmessage (SMS) from Vklass and don’t know what this is?

If you’ve received a textmessage with information about/to a child/student that isn’t yours this is because someone by accident entered your cellphone number as their own into the system Vklass.

Go to www.vklass.se/sms and enter your phone number. Click ”Nästa” and wait for a textmessage containing a code. Enter the code and then your number will be deleted from Vklass.

I’ve had information about Vklass from my school but hasn’t received any login credentials yet!

It is only your school that can give you information on how to log in to Vklass. Please contact your schools administration!

I would like to report absence for my child to the school due to sickness

Please call 010-888 70 50 and follow the instructions.

You may also do this through your personal log in in the app ”Vklass” that can be found in App Store and Google Play.

Updated on 1 juli, 2020

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